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concept m True Depth Online Tools: in-depth psychological online research in times of Corona

concept m True Depth Online Tools: in-depth psychological online research in times of Corona

Social distancing to contain Corona, travel bans for marketing departments, respondents for studio interviews are no longer available – is the adjournment of qualitative market research projects for an indefinite time the logical consequence we are facing?

Not necessarily! We have a unique online qual toolbox on hands which allows us to successfully conduct qualitative market research projects also in times of Corona.

Of course, the pressing questions to market research remain open despite the virus. In order to prevent decisions from piling up, and to make progress regarding the topics, we need alternative tools that, ideally, do not cause any quality loss compared to the familiar face-to-face market research done in studios.

concept m has many years of experience with online tools for data collection and has developed its own range of internet-based research method: the True Depth Online Tools.

  1. True Depth Online Focus Group: the online focus group which meets in-depth psychological standard
  2. True Depth Online IDI: the online in-depth interview with high density of morphological results 
  3. True Depth Online Ethnography: documenting and analysing the customer journeys in the everyday lives of the consumers using online diaries
  4. True Depth Online Panel: carrying out research tasks on the online panel platform – and delving into them in the subsequent video interview

The central advantage of our internet tools is that we have built our online method in a way that allows us to overcome the downsides of digital distance and to obtain a maximum of psychological closeness to the respondents.

The following special features of the True Depth Online Tools enable particular insight depth in this method:

  • Individual online interviews take place in step-by-step sessions: 2x 45 min with a break of 2-3 days in between 
  • Reducing the size of online focus groups to 4-5 respondents
  • Increasing the attention of respondents with shared screens and interactive dialogues
  • Combining online pre-tasks or online ethnography with moderated online interviews or focus groups

In our regular setting in the market research studio, our customers can witness qualitative interviews directly, gain insights with the team and speak directly with our moderators to exchange opinions.

Our goal is to recreate this benefit as well as possible on the web. Therefore, we have extended our True Depth Online Tools by offering a virtual observation room.

  • The virtual observation room allows the customer audience to watch the online interview while also speaking to each other
  • We use a second, parallel communication platform connecting viewers via video call and messaging, in case they cannot be present in the same room

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Managing Partner

Rochus Winkler
Managing Partner

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