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The AlltagsStudio is a fully furnished research home in which test persons can use and try brands and products in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere just like they would in their own daily lives. The rooms in the research home cover all fields of life including cooking, media usage, housekeeping, personal care and family life.


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The benefits of the ResearchHome at a glance:

Realistic atmosphere

Our research takes place in real life environments – living room, kitchen, and nursery – and not in an anonymous Interview setting where respondents can only report from memory what their daily life is like.

Combination of observation and in-depth interviews

The fact that products are used as at home allows for a more precise mapping of unconscious forms of everyday life organization – and we can refer directly to our observations during subsequent depth psychological interviews.

Social dimensions of consumption patterns

Product use mostly occurs in interaction between people. Unlike randomly selected focus groups, natural social units can reveal this meta-individual dimension of consumption in the ResearchHome.

Innovation research in everyday settings

Innovation research and concept testing are not performed in an artificial laboratory setting: New products can be used immediately and brands experienced in their natural context.

Directly experience how products are used

  • Authentic settings from everyday life for nearly all product categories: food, cosmetics, media, print, electronics, household
  • Two-phase approach:

(1)  Observation of the product being used   as it would in everyday life

(2)  Building on this: in-depth exploration in   interviews or friendship pairs

  • Hospitality and catering setting for food market research: What happens when families cater for themselves or have guests?
  • In catering and entertaining situations consumer behaviour is a form of direct social interaction. The hospitality/ catering setting in the AlltagsStudio is capable of tracking down these subtle connections.
  • Hospitality/ catering research is an additional dimension of product usage, which can be covered only incompletely or not at all by standardised food market research.
How test persons convince their friends

Procedure: concept m invites two groups of people at staggered times. First of all, a new concept or product is presented to group 1. Then group 1 is given the task to make the product advantages palatable to group 2 that arrives later.

  • This allows a product positioning to be carved out which is truly relevant for everyday life
  • The persuasion test makes it possible to see which objections are actually raised against a benefit argumentation in the everyday context
  • This unearths a new quality of insights and avoids the mistakes evoked in the artificial situation of a marketing concept test
Witness the revolution
of media usage

  • Procedure: starts with an extended observation session that is video-taped. Afterwards this is watched together with the test person and the test person’s behaviour analysed in an in-depth interview. What motivates them during media usage? What appeals to them? What causes them to exit? How are several screens combined?
  • In the setting of the AlltagsStudio we can reliably identify the hidden dramaturgies and subtexts which play a decisive role in media usage.

Group dynamics in the family, between partners or friends can also be reconstructed and understood with the media usage settings in the AlltagsStudio.

Playfully grasp the world of the youngest among us

  • Interviews with children require a different setting from those with adults. The AlltagsStudio has the advantage of allowing children to relax and be themselves because they feel at home.
  • The interaction between children and parents can be dealt with more fully and intensively here than in standard settings.
  • Our interviewers undergo special psychological training and many also have an additional background in educational sciences and child therapy.

Media Echo

Die Zeit – Dossier

10 – 04 – 2015

W&V – Werben & Verkaufen

20 – 10 – 2014

Planung und Analyse

15 – 08 – 2014


20 – 11 – 2013



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